From the research laboratory to the field . Solutions for professionals Innovation, research , practice and science are contained in the book written by Salvatore Buzzelli : SENSOBUZZ . This text , the result of years of research and practical experience, provides professionals with a wealth of innovative and credible proposals , to obtain surprising results . Allows physical trainers to add to their scientific and strategic knowledge , a modern method that helps to center the important objectives in a simple, exciting and safe! SENSOBUZZ illustrates the characteristics namesake instrument , designed and engineered by Prof. Salvatore Buzzelli , to carry out the work method that has developed for its students , exposing the scientific principles on which the application bases and indicating when and how to use it in the practical realization of the exercises .
The book illustrates the " Method Coordinabolico " , as defined by Salvatore Buzzelli , a perception - kinetic training , which helps to improve attention and concentration , allowing you to stimulate the increase also of other motor characteristics of coordinative type , conditional and metabolic .
The guidelines of this method are rooted in the psychomotor, which stimulates a systemic approach to training, considering all the "mind - body" as a single entity to prepare to sport performance. In the various chapters related elements of functional assessment, planning and logistics training with particular reference to prestativo tennis model they are also treated, but are a common theme for all kinds of sports. Very interesting is the analysis of attentional capacity that stimulates the reader to better understand the "coordinabolico" method by SensoBuzz. The book was especially written for the court, but in the opinion of the author, can be expanded to all sports with preference to those situational and open-skills. Certainly appropriate for all sports that require a motor response to a sensory stimulus. Are the authoritative comments Coach, Physical trainers, Trainer and Mental Athletes have long used this method. Of great importance it is also the arguments set out in the 'appendix in which the' author offers his readers a few methodological insights, a new system for strength training and statistical account of 35 years of his scientific research in the 'scope of "basic motor skills" in children.

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