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SensoBuzz is a tool designed for the functional evaluation and sport training, designed and built by Prof. Salvatore Buzzelli.

SensoBuzz is one dedicated to the analysis and development of the instrument some capacity Coordinative and sensorimotor, placing the focus on Attentive capacity.

SensoBuzz represents the latest technical and technological evolution of sensoTouch firstborn, already achieved in September 2007, which was followed by other types of devices that share the ability to issue audible and visual signals to stimulate the attention span and motor reaction during training.

SensoBuzz, has the ability to issue many more signals than previous versions, and through exercises coded in the method developed by Buzzelli, allows to evaluate the speed of simple and complex reactional motor responses, and use its progress especially in sports where these ability to make their weight felt decisive.

The method devised by Buzzelli, called "COordinabolic Training System ©" (COTS), helps the coach in the evaluation and the design of 'training of some perceptual-cognitive skills kinetics, conditional, coordinative and metabolic, of which' athlete must hold, inspiring them to improve them. It must be realized that the sensitive stages to learning and development of all cognitive and coordinative qualities are placed in child-prepubertal age group, which is why the use of SensoBuzz is recommended especially for young students who start careers sporty; of course this does not mean that its use is also very useful for older athletes and technically adept to hone some specific technical aspects and to enrich the training with an effective and fun element. In fact, in the performed experimental studies, it has been proved statistically that the improvement on the contribution of motor reaction time, reaction time and discriminative coupling is of about 20-25% with relative positive effect on the specific performance.

SensoBuzz is an electronic device (patented and registered trademark), a deputy to issue Visual and audible signals from the user. It works with rechargeable battery or DC. E 'contained in a 30x20x10 briefcase and weighs only 2.5 kg. It has 12 different signals that can be issued for an rhythmic or random, programmable depending on the type of work being undertaken. The use during training, the student is expected to put in front of the SensoBuzz and every signal that the instrument gives, he makes a gesture or a movement or shifting one previously agreed with the coach. Depending on the chosen time of issuance, the same exercise can have several levels of difficulty, acting simultaneously appearance attentional, neuromuscular and metabolic student. Among the various selectable functions, SensoBuzz offers the possibility of being able to perform some of the essential evaluation tests to establish the physical form of the athletes:

- Sigma Test ( For aerobic power in attentional form , specific for tennis players , football players , basketball players , etc ... ) , ( demo video )

- Jump Test ( For the explosive force ) ,

-Simple and complex reaction time

- Motor Activation (For measuring the time that elapses between the emission of a signal and the relative motor act of athletic type : jumping , running, etc ... ) .


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